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Live Performance

When musicians often tour with a particular artist/group, there is a strong misconception that they are ALWAYS busy touring with that particular artist/group.  Sometimes, this is not the case.  In my experience, I have found that some artists/groups who have long sustained careers typically tour less often than newer artists/groups... again, with the exception of a few.  Some veteran artists/groups may tour one year and take a year or two off.  Being a professional touring musician or "hired gun" is typically not a salaried position.

With that being said there are times I am available to tour with other artists/groups, perform for artist showcases, sub for another player, accompany an artist at a writer's round, etc.  I can cover a multitude of genres such as Pop, Rock, Country, Americana, Alternative, Funk, Contemporary Christian, Worship, etc.  There are times where I am hired as a Musical Director for an artist and my job is to put together a band for a showcase, event, and/or tour.  I also have road management and backline technician experience as well.
Hit the "contact" button below if you are interested in hiring Brandon to help with live performance situation(s)!  I am always up for a discussion to see if I can help.
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