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Production Services

Recording a song, EP, or album can feel absolutely terrifying for most aspiring artists and bands because they may not know where to begin, how much it will cost financially, or even what to do with the project when it is finished.  I remember being in a local recording studio for the first time in 2007 with a local band I was apart of prior to moving to Nashville.  When I look back on that first-time experience, I realize that a lot of time was wasted, a lot of money was spent, the end result didn't sound that spectacular, and we didn't have a proper plan in place and neither did the producer.  Does this sound familiar?

The way music is created has really changed since then.  When people think of today's modern producer, they think of someone who makes beats on a laptop with a midi keyboard.  That is a very small part of the process.  A producer is someone who has creative vision with the artist's best interest in mind to help navigate the process of creating music from start to finish.‬  A great producer will help push and motivate the artist or band creatively.

When I produce, I partner with world-class engineers and session recording musicians here in the greater Nashville area.  I also work with some of the top award winning mixing and mastering engineers with extensive credits.  I assemble my teams on a project by project basis.  If you need help with songwriting, I can also help with scheduling co-writes with some of the best songwriters in Nashville.  You want to make sure your songs are strong lyrically with catchy top-line melodies.  My goal is to make sure every project truly conveys my client's message both lyrically and sonically to their listeners.

Here is just one sample of a project I produced from start to finish with my team.  The client was an independent worship artist who really wanted to have a project that had a Christian radio-friendly song with a live blended feel.  What you will hear is basic worktape demo of the song with rough vocal and piano as it blends (at 0:23) into the fully produced, mixed, and mastered version:
Worthy Of It AllNoah Hinshaw
00:00 / 01:11
worktape demo
If you are interested in discussing how we can partner together on your next project, simply hit the "contact" button below.  Let's dream together!
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