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Speaking | Clinics

Since 2011, I have been giving back to the up and coming music community through teaching acoustic guitar instruction at Camp Electric each year in Nashville, TN.  After a couple of years, I noticed adult chaperones were also taking notes during my classes... later, "extra" chaperones were showing up to hear what I had to say and even take notes.  My classes weren't just about how to play instrument... it focused more on life lessons and advice on becoming successful in whatever direction God pulls you in.  From time to time, I speak at colleges, universities, and conferences.
In 2017, I began Worship Team Builder, a ministry initiative focused in coaching church worship teams all over the United States.  I have even brought along other industry professionals to join me in the initiative who have hearts for teaching and inspiring others.

Hit the "contact" button below if you are interested in hiring me to help inspire, motivate, and equip your students or team!  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am also available for a Zoom session.
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